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The following firearms are being offered for sale due to the passing of a long time friend. I need to take time to determine the value of the firearms, but feel free to make an offer.

Savage 59RXL Series E shotgun, 12ga.
Terni bolt action rifle, caliber 3.5 (hard to read)
Crossman CO2 pellet gun, revolver
"Blue Streak" 5m/m cal pellet gun, bolt action rifle

Name: KS
Location: Simi Valley, CA
Phone: 805-285-FFL2
Email: webffl9@net-ffl.com Note: the email address used will change without notice due to spammers
Note: the email address used will change without notice due to spammers
WWW: http://www.net-ffl.com/


Below is a brief summary of the transfer process, just so you get an idea of what has to be done. Sometimes things are a bit different, so feel free to ask if you have a different situation.

NOTE: Marijuana is illegal under Federal law. Per the BATF if you have a Medical Marijuana card you are not able to transfer a firearm. Please do not have any firearms shipped for transfer as the transfer can not be completed.

Any handgun must be on the CA DOJ certified list, with the exception of some firearms such as certain single action revolvers and private party transfers. Semi-auto longguns must be legal for CA and not considered a so-called "assualt weapon". See the CA DOJ web page for more specifics.

Note: Due to issues with sales tax, I will not transfer any firearms from "penny auction" sites. The CA BOE says that sales tax is due based on the total the company receives for the auction (cost of all bids + the sale price + shipping), which is impossible to accurately calculate since the companies will not say how much money they received. This means that the only option is to use the highest cost for a bid.

This assumes you know where you want to get the firearm from:

  • You need to arrange for payment of the firearm to the seller, this can be done concurrently with the sending of my FFL
  • Please email me the information on the Transfer Request Form .
  • I will mail (USPS, I don't fax my FFL) my FFL, which will take a couple of days, or email my FFL (now acceptable).
  • NOTE: If you order a firearm from a place which already has my FFL without sending me an email, you may NOT be notified that the firearm arrived and storage/abandon firearm policies apply. So if you want to be notified, please send an email with your information and the order information
      PLEASE NOTE: I send my FFL as encrypted PDF, which the password is known information for the other FFL. This is done to prevent my FFL from being given out and provides a means for tracking where a person got my ffl from. Adobe provides a free PDF reader. Some Microsoft PDF readers are broken and are not able to open a password protected PDF. So please ensure that the FFL seller can open such a file.
  • Once my FFL arrives, the shipper will be able to ship the firearm, it is nice if the shipper provides a tracking number
  • When the firearm arrives, I will let you know so that you can arrange a time to start the paperwork
  • In order to start the paperwork, you will need to have the required documenation:
    • Handgun: HSC (Handgun Safety Certificate) or FSC for all firearms as of 01-Jan-2015
    • Handgun: Proof of residency (Vehicle registration, utility bill, etc.)
    • Government document Proof of residency if your ID does not have your current residence address (Vehicle registration, etc.)
    • CA ID or Driver's License (the photo ID has to be valid, a paper copy is not acceptable)
    • Payment of fees required, cash or check
  • Waiting period of 10 days (240 hours from time DROS is submitted).
  • After waiting period or near to the end of the waiting period, you need to arrange a time to pickup the firearm and complete the paperwork.
    • Safety Demonstration must be performed for all firearms effective 01-Jan-2015
    • Certified Lock and a Copy of the receipt within 30 days or Affidavit Stating Ownership of an Acceptable Gun Safe or Lock Box. Federal law requires handguns be transferred with a lock.
    • Letter stating that the firearm is from a private party, that it is an occasional sale and the seller does not have a business, if applicable (so that sales tax is not collected on the price of the firearm). This ONLY applies to purchases from within CA or if the firearm is a C&R handgun and you have a C&R FFL. It is best to have this letter before starting the paperwork.

    Please realize that I am providing this service as a service to the community since 1993 and it is not a full-time profession. This means that I am not always available and sometimes my schedule will demand a change in when you can start the paperwork and/or pick up the firearm. I also have a customer agreement (please click on and read) which needs to be signed, for my protection and to ensure a clear understanding of the fees. If this is not acceptable then I would strongly suggest that you use the services of another FFL.

    Prices Effective as of 01-Jan-2015 (subject to change):
      Base Cost/In person transfers per firearm:
        Cost + FFL Fee + DROS + CA Sales Tax (7.5%, applies to FFL fee and perhaps firearm, see below). FYI: CA limits the fee for private party transfers to $10 and is defined as a transfer in which both parties show up at the FFL and fill out the required paperwork. The FFL fee is not a state fee.

      FFL Fee:
        $10 FFL Private Party Transfer Fee per firearm (no discount available)

        $50 ($30 w/discount) FFL non-Private Party Transfer Fee for first firearm,
          $45 ($25 w/discount) for each additional firearm processed at the same time, some limitations apply to handgun transfers
          Buyer may be required to provide a dummy round or empty brass for the firearm safety demonstration.

          $20 discount per firearm with proof of membership in a firearms rights organization, such as the NRA, GOA, etc. (see links for some of the acceptable organizations), except for private party transfers. This discount is given at my sole discression and may not be given or cancelled at any time and for any reason. It does not apply to firearms left over 30 days without prior agreement.

          NOTE: Effective immediately the CRPA is NOT considered an acceptable organization for the discount due to what I consider serious issues with the organization. Please see: My issues with CRPA

        "dirty gun" fee:
          $20 minimum fee to deal with firearms which need special handling procedures, such as cosmoline coated firearms.

          $25 in addition to the Transfer cost only if you know exactly what you want and where to get it from (with limited exceptions based on the catalogs that I have). 100% prepaid in advance. No refunds after the order has been placed (very limited exceptions). Other orders by special arrangement.

          All business is done by appointment. If you are late for an appointment by over 15 minutes, there will be a charge of $60/hour with a minimum charge of $15.

        Sales tax:

          Sales Tax must be collected on the FFL fee if the firearm is subject to sales tax. Sales Tax must be collected on the price of the firearm (including shipping) if purchased from a business, regardless of whether the other business in in CA or not (see web page for CA BOE information) and does not apply if purchased from a CA private party if it is an occasional sale (need letter stating this). See: CA Sales Tax Firearms Information (495.0843 & 495.0848)

          $25 ($19 + $1 + $5) for any numer of firearms transferred at the same time.

          In order to transfer a firearm, you need to either have a safe which meets the requirements of CA or you need to purchase a certified gun lock within 30 days of the transfer. Also, for the safe handling demonstration for handguns, you will need to provide a snapcap/dummy round (I have some calibers, but not all). Federal law requires a lock for handguns.

          For handgun purchases you need to have a HSC certificate, which is not the Hunter Safety Certificate, but the Handgun Safety Certificate. Effective 01-Jan-2015, you will need a FSC (Firearm safety certificate) for any firearm. The HSC will still be valid for handguns until it expires.


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