CRPA issues

I was a member of the CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) many years ago. It seemed to me that the organization was not doing much, other than asking for money. There were and are many issues in which I felt that the CRPA should have fought, but instead my view was that they were just commenting on proposed laws. Due to this I decided to spend my money elsewhere.

As a FFL, I have given a discount to members of firearms rights organizations to encourage people to help protect our rights. This discount was given even if I did not like the organization as I figured it was better that the person be doing something than nothing. With respect to the CRPA, I can no longer take that position and due to this, I choose to no longer offer the discount to that organization.

The reason for this is based on my reading the following information:

CRPA issues Cease and Desist Letter

CRPA issues Cease and Desist Letter to

CRPA 2012 Proposed Budget

CRPA possible credit card security issues

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