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Please send the following information by email. Also, please make sure that you have read my Customer Agreement in advance. There are some FFLs who I refuse to deal with due to what I consider to be serious issues, including a manufacturer, so please contact me for this information.

Please make sure that you have acceptable proof of residency. If your DL/ID does not match your current residence address, you need a government document with your current residence address. For handguns, the CA DL/ID is not acceptable proof of residency, so another document is needed. If your CA ID/DL has "Federal Limits Apply" on the front, then you need a certified copy of your birth certificate or a passport. There are other documents which are acceptable if you were born outside of the USA.

Buyer Firearm Seller (if not a FFL) FFL (if applicable)

Additional Information

If the firearm is coming from a non-FFL, I need a copy of their ID in adavance since otherwise I might never receive it.

I only give copies of my FFL to other FFLs. There is no requirement for FFLs to give a copy of their FFL to non-licensees, please see the end of Page 2, beginning of Page 3: ffl-newsletter-2008-11.pdf

In addition, the BATF tells FFLs to not give a copy of their FFL to non-licensees. You can also confirm this directly with the BATF. Gunbroker has false information on their web site and refuse to correct it unless they get a personal letter from a BATF lawyer. That isn't going to happen, so they continue to spread false requirements and cause problems.

If the seller/shipper is not a FFL, once I get a copy of the seller's ID, I will send the information so that they can check the status of my FFL on the BATF ezcheck web page. Please note that some shipping facilities make up rules about requiring a copy of a FFL before shipping. This needs to be dealr with at the Corp. level to educate them. This also requires information on the specific location and can take some time.

If you are going to have a FFL ship the firearm, I will need the FFL's information included above so that we can exchange FFLs.

If the seller lives in CA or if the firearm is a C&R and the buyer has a C&R FFL, I also need a letter stating that it is a private sale, an occasional sale and that it is not coming from a business so that CA sales tax does not have to be collected
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