CA DOJ CFLC Primer for out of state FFLs

While it is a bit annoying to have to get a CFLC letter in order for a FFL to ship a firearm to a CA dealer, it is free and fairly quick to get setup and generate the letter. It should take you no more than 5 minutes and then you can start annoying the anti-gun people in CA by shipping firearms to CA Dealers. As well, you know that the CA dealer has all the required permits and licenses.

Shortcut to Enroll in the CFLC program

You will need the following information from your valid Federal Firearms License (FFL):

  • Name of Business/individual/corporation
  • FFL expiration date or date from the Letter of Continuing Authorization (LOA) [LOA information]
  • Physical address
  • Business e-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Facsimile number (if applicable)
  • Name of a contact person (The contact person's name appears on the Firearms Shipment Approval letter generated by CFLC)

    Then click on the following link:

    California Firearms Licensee Check - Enroll

    Shortcut to Login to the CFLC web page

    California Firearms Licensee Check - Log In

    Step by Step to Enroll

    If you dont want to click on any links on this web page, you can do the following steps.

    To get started, you can go to the CA DOJ firearms web page and find the CFLC link:

    Bureau of Firearms State of California - Department of Justice


    You can search for "CFLC", which is near the bottom of the page, and the link is named: California Firearms Licensee Check (CFLC) Progam


    Then you can click on the "Quick Link" (which is the normal login web page): GO TO CFLC


    If you have an account, you can login, if not then click on the link: ENROLL IN CFLC


    Then click on the "Continue" button.


    Enter your information, as well as the Captcha information, and press the "Submit" button.


    Then you will be able to login to the CFLC web page by entering the first three and last five of your FFL number and your CFLC password:


    Then to generate a letter click on the "Request Firearms Shipment Verification" link.


    Enter the receipent's CFD number and the number of firearms to be shipped. The Shipment invoice number can be anything that you want to reference the order, such as an invoice number, customer name, etc. Then click on the "Submit" button, which will then bring up a verification page.


    Verify that the Business name and address match what you think it should be. If it is correct, click on the selection that the information is correct and then press the "Submit" button. You can them print or save the CFLC letter. The CA FFL needs only the number on the letter, but it is helpful to provide a complete copy of the letter so that they can verify that the number and type of firearms are correct.

    If it is not correct, click on the not correct selection and press submit, which then will take you back to the previous page to enter the information.


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