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These are people who have requested to have their names/businesses listed on this list so that others can contact them for firearms related services. Below is a list of the FFLs and an index based on the phone number area code.
All FFLs are required to conform to all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. Any transfers of Class III firearms and devices must also follow all NFA rules and regulations. Any illegal activity will be reported.

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It can help if you know exactly what you're looking for and ideally which distributors/wholesalers have the items in stock before you contact your FFL holder.



Tactical Arms
Name: Tactical Arms Contact: John Bales, pistolsmith Email: Email: Area Code: 301 City: Mount Airy 21771 State: MD Terms: Custom Pistolsmithing - specializing in reliability and action tuning of Colt 1911 style pistols and copies (Springfield, Para-Ordnance, Llama, Caspian, Essex, etc.) for personal protection, sport, Limited Class IPSC competition, police and civilians. Sights, trigger jobs, safeties, barrels and bushings, etc. Repairs and tuning also performed on Smith & Wesson, Dan Wesson and Taurus revolvers.

Name: HKB Contact: Ralph J. Sporay Address: P.O. Box 705 Email: WWW: (bad link) City: APG State: MD Area Code: 410 Phone: 410-734-7971 evenings 1800-2300 EST Terms: 10% over wholesale cost plus 5% MD sales tax. Special discount to Law Enforcement and Military Active/Reserve personnel on Beretta service handguns. Sales, restoration, and appraisal services for antique firearms.

Wink`s Sporting Goods
Name: Wink`s Sporting Goods Contact: Gary Wink Email: Area Code: 410 Phone: 410-651-1866/1861 Fax: 410-651-1862 State: MD WWW: Terms: Transfers $20.00, NRA Members $15.00. Full line dealer of guns, ammo, optics. Zeiss Scopes and Binoculars our speciality.

Miller's Gunworks
Name: Miller's Gunworks Contact: Roger Miller Email: Area Code: 301 Phone: 301-259-0311 Address: PO Box 327 City: Cobb Island 20625 State: MD Terms: Firearms transfers $25 for long guns, for pistols add $10 for MSP fee + $5 for >certified mailings.

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