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These are people who have requested to have their names/businesses listed on this list so that others can contact them for firearms related services. Below is a list of the FFLs and an index based on the phone number area code.
All FFLs are required to conform to all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. Any transfers of Class III firearms and devices must also follow all NFA rules and regulations. Any illegal activity will be reported.

A file with the latest list of FL Net-FFLs is available in: http://www.net-ffl.com/net-ffl.html

It can help if you know exactly what you're looking for and ideally which distributors/wholesalers have the items in stock before you contact your FFL holder.



Jake Koens Sports Supply
Name: Jake Koens Sports Supply Contact: Jake Koens Email:
Jkoens@aol.com Area Code: 904 Phone: 904-335-4115 City: Gainesville State: FL

James Good
Name: James Good Contact: Jim E-Mail: jgood001@tampabay.rr.com Area Code: 813 Phone: 813/960-3759 Fax: 813/964-8399 City: Tampa 33625 State: FL Terms: Transfers: $20.00 + tax + FDLE Record Check. Orders: 10% over my cost

R & S Guns
Name: R & S Guns Contact: Ron Gonzalo Email:
RandSguns@aol.com Area Code: 813 Phone: 813-310-5638 Fax: 813-929-9087 City: Tampa State: FL Terms: $15.00 per transfer + 5.00 Background Fee

Ammunition Sales Co
Name: Ammunition Sales Co Contact: Larry Blackburn Email:
larry@submachinegun.net Area Code: 850 Phone: 850-477-2223 Fax: 850-474-4035 Address: 5406 Sycamore Drive City: Pensacola State: FL WWW: http://www.submachinegun.net Terms: Transfer fee $20.00, NFA Class 3 transfer $50.00 BBB Member

Davie Road Pawn and Loan
Name: Davie Road Pawn and Loan Contact: Michael Rideman Email:
Davieroadpawn@gmail.com Area Code: 954 Phone: 792-8585 Address: 4264 sw 64th Ave City: Davie State: FL WWW: http://www.davieroadpawnandloan.com Terms: $15 Initial Transfer $10 Each additional transfer ( must be picked up at same time)

Davie Road Pawn and Loan Inc
Name: Davie Road Pawn and Loan Inc Contact: Mike Rideman Email:
davieroadpawn@gmail.com Area Code: 954 Phone: 954-792-8585 Address: 4264 SW 64th ave City: Davie State: FL WWW: http://www.davieroadpawnandloan.com

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