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These are people who have requested to have their names/businesses listed on this list so that others can contact them for firearms related services. Below is a list of the FFLs and an index based on the phone number area code.
All FFLs are required to conform to all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. Any transfers of Class III firearms and devices must also follow all NFA rules and regulations. Any illegal activity will be reported.

A file with the latest list of CA Net-FFLs is available in:

It can help if you know exactly what you're looking for and ideally which distributors/wholesalers have the items in stock before you contact your FFL holder.



Name: KS
City: Simi Valley
State: CA
Area Code: 805

See web page for updated information.

Base Cost/In person transfers: Cost + FFL Fee + DROS + CA Sales Tax (7.25% effective 01-Jan-2017, applies to FFL fee and perhaps firearm, see below)

FYI: CA limits the fee for private party transfers to $10 and is defined as a transfer in which both parties show up at the FFL and fill out the required paperwork.

FFL Fee: Discount: Orders:

$25 in addition to the Transfer cost only if you know exactly what you want and where to get it from (with limited exceptions based on the catalogs that I have). 100% prepaid in advance. No refunds after the order has been placed (very limited exceptions). Other orders by special arrangement.

Sales tax:

Sales Tax must be collected on the ffl fee. In addition, sales tax must be collected on the price of the firearms if purchased from a business, regardless of whether the other business is in CA or not (see web page for CA BOE information) and does not apply if purchased from a CA private party if it is an occasional sale (need letter stating this). C&R handguns from out of state are also exempt from sales tax if it is from a private party, is an occasional sale, not from a business and the buyer has a C&R FFL.

DROS: $25 ($19 + $1 + $5) for any number of firearms transferred at the same time.

NRA Certified Instructor

Agloro Enterprises
Name: Agloro Enterprises Contact: Romy Agloro Area Code: 415 Phone: 415-872-3540 City: South San Francisco State: CA Terms: $60 min or 10% over cost. Shipping extra, DROS ($14 currently), and 8.25 % sales tax. Full payment on order required. All state and local ordinances apply. Custom work done only on AR-15s and .45s. All work meet or exceed Milspecs. Reasonable rates/quote per job. Licensed DOJ BFSC instructor.

California Technologies
Name: California Technologies Contact: David Louis Harter Email: Area Code: 916 Phone: 916-824-9133 Fax: 916-824-9133 Address: 1315 Solano Street, Suite A City: Corning 96021 State: CA WWW: (bad link) Terms: cash, check, money order

UG Imports, LLC
Name: UG Imports, LLC Contact: Anthony Mendoza Email: Area Code: 510 Phone: 510-371-4867 Fax: 510-740-4443 City: Fremont State: CA WWW: Terms: $50 FFL Transfers + DROS, $10 PPT + DROS

Name: ALLGUNSONLINE.COM Contact: Eric Osmon Email: Area Code: 714 Phone: 714-602-2240 Fax: 714-602-2240 City: Santa Ana State: CA WWW: Terms: Cash, Check, or Money Order (Credit cards coming soon) All special order items must be paid in full in advance. Private Party Transfers - $10 + DROS FFL Transfers - $50 + DROS Sales Tax per CA BOE - 8.75% in Orange County HSC Certificates - $25 (per CA DOJ) CA Secondhand & Licensed Gun Dealer NRA - Range Safety Officer DOJ - Certified Instructor

Mount Pleasant Arms
Name: Mount Pleasant Arms Contact: Peter Skinner Email: Area Code: 408 Phone: 408-528-1453 Address: PO Box 730024 City: San Jose State: CA WWW: Terms: I charge $55 for long guns and $65 for handguns. $80 for single shot exempt pistols.

David Smith Gunsmith
Name: David Smith Gunsmith Contact: David Smith Email: Phone: 559-272-9637 City: Clovis State: CA WWW:

Digital Instincts
Name: Digital Instincts Contact: Christopher Chambers Email: Area Code: 408 Phone: 408-261-3613 Address: Reed Ave City: Sunnyvale State: CA WWW: Terms: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm and by appointment Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit cards Private Party Transfers - $10 + DROS FFL Transfers - $35 + DROS Sales Tax per CA BOE - 8.25% in Santa Clara County NRA - Certified Pistol Instructor DOJ - Certified Instructor

Trinity Gunsmithing
Name: Trinity Gunsmithing Contact: Chris O'Connor Email: Area Code:925 Phone: 925-783-5370 City: Antioch State: CA Terms: General gunsmithing and repairs. For a price list please E-mail me and I will send one to you . No firearms sales or transfers at this time.

WGM Tactical
Name: WGM Tactical Contact: Bill or Cindy Email: Area Code: 530 Phone: 530-636-AR15 (2715) Fax: 530-268-8225 Address: 21979 Clivus Drive City: Grass Valley State: CA WWW: Terms: $50 FFL Transfer, $10 discount on firearms to anyone who shows current proof of membership to any pro-gun rights organizations. $10 PPT +DROS Standard DROS fees Nevada County sales tax rate DOJ and NRA certifications Type 07/Class 02 SOT We specialize in suppressor manufacture and AOW

Boogaloo Tactical
Name: Boogaloo Tactical Contact: Dauv McNeely Email: Area Code: 310 Phone: 310-488-2620 City: Torrance State: CA WWW: Terms: $55.00 long gun transfers $65.00 hand gun transfers

Arms Unlimited
Name: Arms Unlimited Contact: Daniel Email: Area Code: 424 Phone: 866-229-1355 Address: 2541 W. 237th St, Suite F City: Torrance State: CA WWW: Terms: Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm Walk Ins for Law Enforcement with identification ONLY Private Party Transfers - $10 + DROS FFL Transfers - $40 + DROS Sales Tax per CA BOE - 9% Los Angeles County

SC Armament
Name: SC Armament Contact: Ken S. Plumlee Email: Area Code: 949 Phone: 949-331-4434 Fax: 866-831-9661 City: Aliso Viejo State: CA WWW: Terms: Type 01 FFL Transfer dealer serving Greater Orange County, North San Diego County, Riverside County. Handguns, Long guns, SSE transfers, PPT's and Intrafamilial Transfers, in-state and out-of-state, HSCs (Handgun Safety Certificates) available. Fees: $50 + DROS + applicable CA sales tax. For complete list of policies, services and fees, please visit us at:

2A Zone
Name: 2A Zone Contact: Brett and Kris Swaim Email: Area Code: 909 Phone: 866-270-7858 City: Rancho Cucamonga State: CA WWW: Terms: We are an 07/Class II dealer and manufacturer. We can handle off list revolver transfers through SAE modifications for almost any revolver with a 3" barrel. We work off appointments and are available 7am-10pm 7 days a week. We are familiar with intra-familial transfer as well. Fees: $40 Transfers $55 Intra-familial Transfers

Coyote Point Armory
Name: Coyote Point Armory Contact: Scott Dipman Email:
scott@coyotepointarmory Area Code: 650 Phone: 650-315-2210 Fax: 650-235-9061 Address: 341 Beach Road City: Burlingame State: CA WWW: Terms: Cash, Check OR Credit cards All special order items must be paid in full in advance. Private Party Transfers - $10 + DROS FFL Transfers - $100 + DROS Sales Tax per CA BOE - 9% in San Mateo County FSC Certificates - $25 (per CA DOJ) CA Secondhand & Licensed Gun Dealer NRA - Range Safety Officer NRA - Pistol Instructor

Metal Dog Tactical
Name: Metal Dog Tactical Contact: Tunis Lopez Email: Area Code: 408 Phone: 408-437-2715 Address: 2128 N 1st St, Ste D City: San Jose State: CA WWW: Terms: FFL Transfer: $75 Dealer Fee + $25 DROS (+ Tax for out of state transfers)

San Diego Guns
Name: San Diego Guns Contact: Dallas Martensen Email: Area Code: 619 Phone: 619.564.6965 Address: 5995 Mission Gorge Road Ste C City: San Diego State: CA WWW:

Aces Jewelry & Loan
Name: Aces Jewelry & Loan Contact: Chris, Joe or Vince Email: Area Code: 626 Phone: 626-698-5900 City: West Covina State: CA Terms: $25 interstate transfer fee, plus sales tax 9% and DROS.

VC Defense Inc.
Name: VC Defense Inc. Contact: John or Micah Email: Area Code: 805 Phone: 805-380-6486 Address: 3166 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. City: Thousand Oaks State: CA WWW: Terms: Transfers: $60 for first + $10 each addl + tax and DROS PPT: $10 + DROS, as required by law

John's Gun Repair & Sales
Name: John's Gun Repair & Sales Contact: John Funk Email: Area Code: 530 Phone: 530-336-6444 Fax: 530-336-6529 Address: 43007 Shoshoni Loop City: Fall River Mills State: CA Terms: Full service gunsmithing with 42 years experience. Retail sales of CA. legal firearms. Will ship to your FFL. Will accept your online purchase of CA legal and/or approved firearms.

Condor Gun Shop
Name: Condor Gun Shop Contact: Torrey Harris Email: Area Code: 760 Phone: 329-6608 Fax: 760-329-6608 Address: 64895 Pierson Blvd City: Desert Hot Springs State: CA WWW: Terms: Dealer transfers are $69 that includes the $25 DROS.

Stoney Creek Arms
Name: Stoney Creek Arms Contact: Debra Tetzlaff Email: Area Code: 714 Phone: 714-482-7508 City: Yorba Linda State: CA WWW: Terms: Buy, Transfers, Firearm Safety Certificate Test

Titan Sporting Group
Name: Titan Sporting Group Contact: Tim Pak Email: Area Code: 949 Phone: 949-878-3600 Fax: 949-305-1977 Address: 9967-9971 Muirlands Blvd City: Irvine State: CA WWW:

Burbank Ammo & Guns
Name: Burbank Ammo & Guns Contact: David Schwartz Email: Area Code: 818 Phone: 859-7534 Fax: 818 859-7567 Address: 1313 West Magnolia Blvd City: Burbank State: CA WWW:

Name: Chavezfirearms209 Contact: Chris S. Chavez Email: Area Code: 209 Phone: 209-658-4206 Address: 2755 Mckee Road City: Merced State: CA WWW: Terms: Cash only

Left Coast Tactical
Name: Left Coast Tactical Contact: Larry Godbout Email: Area Code: 916 Phone: 916-368-7372 Address: 3346 Mather Field Rd City: Rancho Cordova State: CA WWW: Terms: Prior to placing an order with another seller, we ask that you give us an opportunity to locate the firearm/ item you are looking for. If we are unable, we are more than happy to accept the transfer from another seller/ dealer. Our transfer fee is $10 for private party, and $35 for an FFL transfer. If the firearm needs to be shipped out, the customer will pay for shipping. The firearm MUST be received and the customer MUST come in order to initiate the DROS. The purchaser needs to bring their ID, their Firearm Safety Certificate or exemption, and a proof of residency. If they do not have a Firearm Safety Certificate, they can take the test here for $25 . We do not charge the customer if they do not pass, but they will have to wait 24 hours to retake the test, and we will not be able to start the background check until they have passed. If the purchaser does not bring a proof of residency, we can start the background check but cannot deliver the firearm without it. For Private-Party transfers, the seller needs to ensure the firearm is unloaded and will need to bring their ID. For FFL transfers, which are firearms being sent to us, the purchaser needs to ensure the firearms are in a legal configuration, or they may be sent back to the dealer. The seller will need our FFL, CFD,(on the FFL) and High Capacity Magazine Permit (Law Enforcement customers only) if it applies. They will need to download these documents, or the purchaser can download these documents and send it to the seller from this link: After the purchase is made, the purchaser needs to watch their tracking numbers (ask for them), and when they see the firearms have arrived, stop in to the store and start the DROS. We will NOT call the customer when it arrives. This keeps our process stream-lined, allowing us to keep our fees a quarter of the price as elsewhere. We will call the customer if requested for an additional $25.

Occidental Hardware
Name: Occidental Hardware Contact: John Blair/Mark Livingston Email: Area Code: 707 Phone: 707-874-3441 Address: 3799 Bohemian Highway City: Occidental State: CA WWW: Terms: Cash, check, credit/debit cards accepted

Links for Shipping Rate information for FedEx, UPS and USPS

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